Wheelchair Accessible Transportation

london wheelchair transportation

Proudly Serving London, Ontario

White Wings offers a wheelchair accessible transportation service to medical and non-medical appointments.

Our vehicles are designed to fit a variety of wheelchair sizes and provide our clients with a smooth and comfortable ride.

Our services are available to clients in London, Ontario and surrounding area.

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Special Wheelchair Accommodation

Our vehicles can securely transport the following wheelchair types.


Bariatric Wheelchairs


Transportation For Daily Life

We don't just serve to take our clients to their medical appointments. White Wings is pleased to help meet the travel demands of daily life by also assisting with the following.

  • Shopping Trips
  • Family Events
  • Recreational Activities
  • Visiting Friends
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For the past two years, White Wings has been providing consistently professional, caring and skilled transportation services for my elderly mother, who has been confined to a wheelchair and has cognitive impairment following a severe stroke. I never worry about leaving her in their care. Friendly, unfailingly punctual, and extremely flexible. Most highly recommended!

- Leslie James

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you transport individuals who use power wheelchairs or scooters?

Yes, we transport power wheelchairs and scooters as well as bariatric wheelchairs.

Do you provide accompaniment if clients need support during appointments?

Yes, our company offers accompaniment and assistance to and from medical or non-medical appointments. Our transportation and accompaniment services are designed to provide dependent individuals with one-on-one services during their appointments.

What are some examples of non-medical appointments?

Non-medical appointments include shopping, family events or recreational activities.

If clients require help to get ready for their appointments, does White Wings provide such help?

Yes, beside transporting clients, we also help them to get ready, prepare them for their appointments, accompany them and stay with them for the entire appointment. We also assist with registration and filling out medical forms on the client’s behalf, if needed.

Who benefits the most from transportation & accompaniment services?

  • Dependent individuals who need support to get ready for their appointments
  • Individuals who have no family members available to accompany them and arrange for their transportation. For instance, their kids live away, on vacation, or unable to take a day off of work
  • Individuals living in a long term care facility

Do you provide drop off/pick up transportation services?

Yes, we do. When we drop off our clients, we provide them with our contact information. They call us once they are ready to be picked up.