Exercise & Rehabilitation

Physical Activities, Exercises, and Rehabilitation

It is becoming increasingly clear to the medical community that it is just as important for older adults to stay active as it is for their younger counterparts. Exercise helps maintain mobility and stamina, reduces the incidence of disease, and leads to an overall better quality of life.

The following are few examples why you need to exercise:

  • To increase bone density and prevent Osteoporosis
  • To improve self-efficiency and maintain independence
  • To maintain balance and improve reflexes to decrease falls
  • To improve flexibility, joint range of motion and functional movement
  • To improve cardiovascular strength
  • To improve or maintain the ability of individuals (with a chronic condition such as arthritis) to perform daily living activities

You need to exercise or participate in a rehab program if:

  • You are a sedentary person who needs to get in shape; but you lack motivation
  • You have been sick for a while and lost some of your strengths and walking ability
  • You have suffered a recent fall incident or you are otherwise at risk of fall Injuries
  • You gave a birth and you need to get back in shape
  • You have not regained maximum ability after a stroke or other health challengs
  • You had a surgery/hip or knee replacement and need to get back to your daily living activities
  • You have received a cardiopulmonary diagnosis and would benefit from therapy to help you increase endurance and fitness