May 12, 2019

White Wings Home Care Service has become our mode of transporting my Mom since August 2018. Nabil (owner) was initially recommended to me by another family who had used his service. I fully trust White Wings with my Mom’s transportation needs.

White Wings is a professional, quality business with high standards. Safe, clean, courteous and punctual are words that come to mind immediately. My mom is completely wheel chair bound, on full-time oxygen and becomes anxious when she has to go out. Quickly, with White Wings, I could see that Mom trusted the service. Nabil is calm and re-assuring. His vehicle is safe and completely outfitted to transport individuals with medical needs, ambulatory issues, etc.. Mom now chats with Nabil and listens to his guidance as he is moving and securing her/her chair in his vehicle. I am now able to have Mom picked up by White Wings from her room at McGarrell Place and transported to/from my home without requiring my presence to facilitate the transfer. On a couple of occasions, I have ridden with Mom in the van. White Wings quality, dedication to safety and professionalism continues en route.

I have recommended White Wings Home Care Service to other individuals and will continue to do so.

Linda Hodgkinson

January 23, 2019

To whom it may concern,

I am pleased to write this letter of support for the services provided by White Wings. Last fall in 2018, we became aware that my father Frank would qualify for government support to assist in using White Wings for his weekly trips to and from the Dialysis Unit at LHSC. He had been a patient in this unit for over four years, going three times a week. Finding White Wings provided an elevated level of care and support that would play a major part in his last remaining months. Dad died just before Christmas, but he constantly spoke about how much he trusted the people who ran the service and treated him with such dignity and compassion. They were always early, got him to his destination on time and back efficiently and quickly. His death was unexpected so soon, but at least in those remaining months, we knew he was in good hands, no worries for our family and for his safety. They were always quick to respond to any inquiries or changes necessary at the hospital.

It became a quality of life issue for us to know he was in the best care possible, getting to and from the hospital, despite his health. I wish we had known about this years ago, but now that we do, I would strongly recommend it to others.

Thank you again on behalf of our family.


Anne Marie DeCicco-Best

March, 2016

We love White Wings!

My family began using White Wings Home Care Services after my mom, who has been a resident at McGarrell Place for over three years, experienced several falls.  We have found Nabil, the Director of the While Wings Home Care Services, to be extremely accessible and an excellent communicator, who has worked tirelessly to ensure that my mother is well cared for.  I outlined my mother’s specific needs and concerns and Nabil put a plan in place to address each area.

Since using White Wings services we have not had to worry about a single thing.  The staff, including Lenore and Michelle, have done a tremendous job of improving my mother’s quality of life by ensuring that she uses her walker, building her strength and endurance with physical activities, as well as keeping her mind active and engaged.  Nabil frequently visits my mother’s unit to check on her progress and to update with both his staff and the healthcare team at McGarrell Place.

Our family has a great sense of comfort knowing that our mother is receiving such wonderful care and attention in this last chapter of her life.

Leslie Gauthier

White Wings Home Care Services

August, 2015

I can without reservation recommend White Wings HomeCare Services to anyone looking for excellent care for their elderly loved one.
Nabil has worked with my aunt for the past several months after she had been hurt from a fall. I feel the genuine care and interest he takes in my aunt’s well-being has been instrumental in improving her mobility and maintaining her functionality.
Ginny Loeb

White Wings Home Care Services

This is a note of appreciation with respect to our family’s gratitude for the invaluable rehabilitation service you have provided to my mother since her return to the nursing home after a stay in hospital for a hip fracture this winter. Of particular note is the professionalism and work ethic of Nabil who has been working with our mother to get her back walking with confidence and a reduced fear of falling. He developed a walking plan and exercise program to help improve her balance and regain the functional level she had prior to her stay in hospital. He was sensitive to my mother’s needs and was able to get her involved in moving again without fear. I would highly recommend this Home Care Company’s services.

Carol W.

London, Ontario

To Mr. Nabil Wahid/White Wings Home Care Services                                                                                                    March 11, 2014

Thanks for the White Wings Home Care Services support and professionalism. If it wasn’t for your services, Tina, my mother, would choose not to have any at all. The comfort level she experiences with White Wings Home Care Services’ personnel is what keeps her going over the next few years. I would encourage anyone needing any type of care for their loved ones to speak to you about how you can help them as you have helped us.

Thank you kindly for all you have done

Tony Leendertez & family

White Wings Home Care Services
May, 2014
Not everyone has interpersonal skills to deal with the vicissitudes and needs of an ageing clientele. With assurance, i can relate that Nabil is thoughtful and patient. His manner is best described as one of gentle but firm encouragement, a necessary skill when dealing with people often in pain and with limited mobility. In addition, he is a very good listener and a reassuring conversationalist; I am very impressed by his instinctual communication skills.
My mother looks forward to her weekly sessions with Nabil. We are grateful for not only Nabil’s perseverance but also my mother’s! I can recommend Nabil Wahid very highly

Dr. Kathleen Fraser