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Dealing with Depression

Have you been feeling anxious or blue lately, and you can’t shake that feeling? If

so, you’re not alone. One in five seniors has mental health challenges. It’s a

Canadian health crisis, yet we’re often hesitant to discuss it because there’s still

stigma, or negative stereotypes, around mental illness. Seniors face unique risks

for developing depression. As we age, we may feel increasingly isolated or lack

community support. A change in mental health could also be related to medical

conditions, reduced mobility, physiological changes in the brain, or life events

such as financial strain, the loss of a spouse or moving out of the family home.

People with a family history of mental illness, or who have experienced

depression before, are especially vulnerable. Late-life depression is not a normal

part of aging. Anyone experiencing symptoms such as a persistent depressive

mood, sleeping problems, changes in appetite, difficulties with memory or

concentration, negative thoughts, or thoughts of death and suicide should seek

help immediately. The majority of older adults respond well to treatment.

Seniors can also support their mental health by staying active, such as

participating in activities at their retirement home, exercising regularly and

socializing with friends and family.

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White Wings Home Care Services – Dehydration

home care services london ontario

Welcome to White Wings Home Care Services

home care services london ontarioWe are values driven family business that provides care services to the residents of London and surrounding area including St. Thomas, Ingersoll, Dorchester, Ilderton and Strathroy. We are Compassionate, innovative and offer the most cost-efficient care to our clients.

Whether you live in your own home or in a retirement home/nursing home, we can provide the additional care services that are needed and often essential for your health and well being.

All of our client relationships start with an initial consultation about their specific needs and circumstances.  We are happy to talk to you on the phone, or we will come out to your home and take the time to really understand the challenges you are facing so we can provide you with the right services.

Our staff members are qualified professionals with outstanding educational background and work experience.  They are thoroughly screened, trained and individually matched to each client.

Our vision: Is to build the largest and most trusted home care company in London and surrounding area.  We excel at high-quality care delivery and management.

Our missionThrough our dedicated and trustworthy employees, we are striving to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing them with the best care possible in a way which promotes independence, enhances the quality of their life, and ensures their well-being.