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When most seniors are asked about their preferences for housing during retirement years, they will often replay, “I want to stay in my own home”.

As we get older, many of us find that managing daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, driving, and shopping can be very difficult. Complicated often by managing one’s own personal care such as bathing, grooming, and dressing, create the needs for bringing in outside help. Home Care Services?

home care services london ontarioWhether you or your family member needs help for a few hours or around the clock care, White Wings Home Care is pleased to meet your needs. In addition to receiving high quality and professional care and Transportation services, clients would benefit from the many other advantages of home care services such as:


  • Home care can prevent Rehospitalisation and decrease the need for urgent care
  • A cost-efficient alternative to hospitals, nursing homes, or other types of long-term care
  • Increasing your sense of security and safety as a result of being in familiar surroundings
  • A range of professional care options and healthcare professionals to meet your unique needs
  • Flexible schedules that suit client’s needs: from a few hours of help to around the clock care
  • Allowing you or your loved one to stay at home helps to maintain more personal privacy
  • Reliable and efficient Transportation Service to a Medical and Non-Medical Services

White Wings Home Care Services are not limited to senior citizens, in fact, we provide home care services for everyone who requires personal assistance; whether you are a mom, who just had a baby, or an individual who needs help post surgery, White Wings guarantees professional and satisfying service, when you need it most.
White Wings Home Care matches caregivers to your/your loved one’s specific needs. Our caregivers are people who you can trust; people who respect your desire for privacy and independence and with whom you feel completely comfortable.

We provide temporary and long term services. We have different packages that you can choose from. Contact us today to get more information about our special offers.

What makes White Wings Home Care Services different from other homecare service providers?

White Wings Home Care Services provides a number of advantages that none of our competitors can offer on one platform, including:


  • We provide services for as little as 1 hour per day to suit your needs (a majority of the non-medical homecare companies have a minimum hourly service requirement of 2-3 hours per day)
  • We offer very competitive service feeshome care services london ontario
  • We offer comprehensive rehabilitation and Fitness program that suit your individual needs
  • Wheelchair Accessible Transportation and Accompaniment Services

The one hour of HomeCare package:

At White Wings Home Care Services we believe that many people may not need more that one hour of homecare each visit.  Accordingly, we are delighted to offer the “1 hour” home care services to our clients.  Many of other home care providers do not offer one hour of service to their clients as there is usually a minimum hourly service requirement of 2-3 hours per day.

Wheelchair Accessible and Accompaniment Services:

If you are looking for high quality and cost efficient wheelchair accessible transportation service, then White Wings Home Care & Transportation Services is here to assist you.                                                                                                                                                                                20161015_115620

  • Drop off/Pick up service
  • Transportation and Accompaniment Service



The White Wings Homecare Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Fitness Program:

This program is designed to suit the needs of:

  • Individuals who have recently been discharged from hospital and need to start post rehabilitation program immediately to regain their optimum wellbeing, in particular their physical abilities; this include: Individuals who had knee/hip replacement surgery, Individuals who had other types of surgeries, and Individuals who have stayed in hospital for an extended period of time and have lost big part of their physical abilities.
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic diseases, such as: Parkinson, MS, Stroke, Heart and Pulmonary diseases.
  • Individuals who have mild level of Dementia and wish to live at home as long as possible. Many of those individuals would benefit from physical activities and fitness programs as participating in such activities will keep them healthy, independent, and prevent a premature transfer to the long term care facilities.

The White Wings Home Care competitive service fees:

White Wings Home Care Services is pleased to offer you very competitive rates for a wide range of services; those same services are being offered by other Home Care Providers with higher rates and extra charges. However, White Wings Homecare Services always strive to guarantee that its services come along with professional and excellent quality of care.